Favorite game recipe's

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2018/09/14 20:01:38 (permalink)

Favorite game recipe's

 In these last dog days of summer it might be interesting to share some of our favorite game recipes.
  Here is one of mine for a roast Venison cooked in a crock pot.
  Its simple. I coat the crock with a thin coat of olive oil. Then on the bottom I place a layer of sliced onions covering the bottom of the crock. I then place the roast on the onions and then put sliced thick onions and whole onions all around the roast and on top of the roast (lots of onions) along with couple minced garlic cubes.  I then pour water up to nearly the top of the roast. Now cook it on high for hours (my crock about 4hrs) until the roast just about flakes apart with a fork but not quite. Add potatoes and carrots maybe parsnips.Let it all cook another hour or so until the carrots and pototoes are done and the roast is so tender it flakes apart with a fork. Now you could stiffen up the broth with a rue or canned gravy.
    Now this is for when I have picky guests. After the first say four hours in crock I turn off the crock and remove as many onions as I can from the top and sides leaving plenty of room around the roast with just liquid and then let it cool. I then put crock in fridge over night in morning the liquid around the roast will have a skim of the hard tallow fat that can now be easily removed . Put onions back in and add the vegies. Cook as instructed before and enjoy.
   Roast will break apart with fork and is delicious. Add seasonings as you desire. I am on low salt so I only put some garlic powder and maybe some Mrs Dash on roast at beginning of cooking.
  I think I could have prepared it faster than typing this.

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    Re: Favorite game recipe's 2018/09/17 12:07:41 (permalink)
    Deer burger soup!!! yum
    2 cans whole peeled tomatoes ( cut em up )
    1 can 8 oz i think tomato sauce
    4 large potatoes
    6 large carrots
    2 cans of green beans
    1 can of corn
    4 beef bullion cubes
    italian spices
    4 heaping tablespoons of miniced garlic
    2 heaping tablespoons of sugar
    Get all that boiling, takes about an hour to cook the carrots and potatoes
    half an onion and 2 lbs. of deer burger, fry this in a pan. ( drain the grease )
    put it all together when your carrots and potatoes are cooked.
    Might have to add a little water if it's too stew like, You need a big pot for this.
    Instead of bread or crackers, try eating with jumbo sour dough pretzels
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    Re: Favorite game recipe's 2018/09/18 07:55:56 (permalink)
    This one isn't all that fancy, but when you just need to throw something together for dinner and forget about it for awhile, it's really easy.  
    1/2 cup of white vinegar
    1 Cup of beef bullion
    2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
    Mix those together in a crock pot 
    Put a couple of deer steaks in there (have also done it with roasts, just need to double the above ingredients)
    Give the steaks a liberal coating of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes and red pepper flakes.  
    Put 1/2 stick of butter on top of the steaks
    If you like a little bite to it, throw in a bunch of banana peppers or pepperoncinis.  
    With steaks, this can be shredded after about 4 or 5 hours on low, and then I set it on warm and let it simmer in the juice for about half hour.  With a roast, give it 6 or 7 hours on low until you shred it.  
    It's awesome with mashed taters or a baked tater.  Really good on a sammich like pulled pork too with your favorite toppings.  
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    Re: Favorite game recipe's 2018/09/18 08:18:31 (permalink)
    The venison favorite around here is fillet sandwiches.

    Take frozen sections of fillet (that’s backstraps for the Nugent crowd) and half thaw them.

    Being extremely careful of the fingers, slice as thin as possible on a mandaline slicer.

    Add in whatever venison spices you like. Personally, we use dry hickory seasoning from Cajun Injector; blackening seasoning from the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West (will need to order some online since we haven’t been there in two years and the supply is getting low); and some raw cane sugar. But you can use anything you like such as garlic, onion, Cajun, etc. We just like to keep it simple.

    Mix the meat with those dry rubs while heating a skim of olive oil (the better grade, the better) in a skillet (preferably, cast iron that has been seasoned for years, maybe decades). Heat the oil until smoking hot, the add the venison. SPLATTER ALERT!!!!

    Constantly toss the venison until it changes color, indicating that it is done. Time varies by the amount, obviously, but a typical skillet full will take less than five (5) minutes.

    Dump the venison in a Tupperware container, including any juices that come out of the meat during cooking.

    Douse the hot meat with a generous amount of Italian dressing, the better the dressing, the better (preferably Terea’s Lake Shore Deli dressing — get 12 bottles anytime anyone from here is near Erie).

    Seal the Tupperware tightly and shake vigorously to coat the meat. It is okay, preferred, actually, if a pool of dressing lies in the bottom of the container.

    Place the container in the fridge for 24 hours.

    Before serving on a hard roll (preferably Portuguese), shake the container again to recoat the venison with the extra dressing that remained in the container.

    Season to individual taste when the meat is on the roll with grinder sea salt and cracked black pepper. Add a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese.

    Get ready to make more.

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    Re: Favorite game recipe's 2018/11/25 13:16:59 (permalink)
    anyone try my deer burger soup recipe???
    just making a batch now, thought about you guys
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