Is Tenkara fly fishing?

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2018/06/18 02:56:32 (permalink)

Is Tenkara fly fishing?

The other day I was fishing in southwest Virginia swining soft hackle flies with my Ito and was catching a fair number of fish and suddenly a game warden appeared and asked for my fishing liscence, which I gave him. Then the interesting part to this story, he informed me that this area was a fly fishing only area, which I told him I was aware of, and he asked me to please leave the area because I was in violoation of the fly fishing only regulation. I tried to explain the Tenkara rod, etc. but was getting no where with him and packed up and left. Has anyone else had an experience similar to this? 

Please help.
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    Re: Is Tenkara fly fishing? 2018/06/22 15:16:08 (permalink)
    Tenkara is cane pole fishin.
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    Re: Is Tenkara fly fishing? 2018/06/22 16:14:24 (permalink)
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