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2018/05/15 11:41:28 (permalink)

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    Re: 2018 DOE TAGS 2018/05/15 12:31:02 (permalink)
    Of course more doe tags for 2G and 2C, the natural free roaming range of the elusive Pennsylvania Eastern Elk, until that is, 1877 when supposedly the last of the Eastern Elk was killed in PA.   So 1913-1926 the newly formed "PA Game Commission" imported Elk from Yellowstone and other areas of the west.  
    In 1990, feasibility studies were conducted to determine if wild, free-ranging elk still had a place in some of their former eastern haunts. Once this was complete, healthy source herds of Rocky Mountain Elk were used to introduce elk back into the former eastern elk range.
    I'll be darned, a study in 1990 and, not only was more "Rocky Mountain Elk" introduced into Pennsylvania but the elk range increased from a few square miles to approximately 800 square miles and if not by now, will include 2E and 2C.
    I've nothing against the reintroduction of elk back to the Pennsylvania wilds.  I just wish the PGC would come up with a better excuse, for annihilating the elusive PA. White Tailed Deer.

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    Re: 2018 DOE TAGS 2018/05/17 10:01:42 (permalink)
    13,000 more doe tags in 2C where I hunt.

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