New Niagara River Regs

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2018/01/01 21:37:08 (permalink)

New Niagara River Regs

New this year,
Lake Trout...You can only keep 2 in your trout limit of three, 1st between 25-30", 2nd any size. Great common sense regulations update to the great return of the laker population and continued strategic planning from those involved. 
Walleye limit drops from 3 to 1 between Jan 1st and March 15, min size 18". Protects the big females from those that target them. I personally have only seen a couple coolers of big eyes at the dock in the winter, maybe the locals know more now, i dont live there so i dont know the reason but, i hope its not just jealousy from the regulators.
Canada License...has always been yearly...many are afraid to ask, is it necessary.....yes.... when you are stopped and questioned, you are in big trouble without a license to fish in their waters. I have fished their side of the river with and without for well over 20 years and have only been checked by them on the water once...and I had it that time. Better safe than sorry, its cheaper in the long run...but i will say this, that was before 9/11, since then i watched the security towers go up, there are more people sitting behind desks to spot a threat more than fishermen present, now border agents can concentrate on real threats and let common fishermen have fun and spend their money in the neighborhood, just an observation.

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