Any outdoor activity

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2017/03/14 00:45:57 (permalink)

Any outdoor activity

I am surprised that there are no reports of Shed hunting or Yote hunting or trapping.I am having too much trouble walking,but was looking forwards to seeing some picts.Now that DST is in, maybe there will be some more activity. Now that this cold has slowed down the pike fishing for me & the places that I was getting Crappie are too high for access for me I am going crazy. Where is Punxatuny Phil?  sam

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    Re: Any outdoor activity 2017/03/14 01:39:19 (permalink)
    I fish Thursday morning and kept 11 fat black crappie. Since then nada,yesterday bought a gallon on paint,and spackle, gotta do my powder room ceiling over. One of many honey do list I've neglected. My son pull my Ohio camera and surprisingly the 8 bucks left on my farm still had horns as of about 10 days ago. One 9 point shed one side and he found it 40 yards from the camera. Late February was wonderful fishing in the bay,and Arthur now this crap. It's 1:30 am and no snow yet. I hope by Saturday I can fish again.This is getting boring real fast.
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    Re: Any outdoor activity 2017/03/16 08:36:03 (permalink)
     Fished a couple days Thurs 9th got 2 eyes then Monday 13th nada. Cold has shut them down. Most exciting thing going on for me right now is walking the dog. looking forward to warming temps. Did find old horn couple weeks ago.
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    Re: Any outdoor activity 2017/03/20 08:37:16 (permalink)
    Havnt had time to shed hunt yet its on the list the only time I had was that last blizzard so I stayed in and tied an army of pts and stoneflys

    I'd rather be lucky then good,but im to good to be lucky
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    Re: Any outdoor activity 2017/03/22 21:34:25 (permalink)
    Coyotes ran thru my yard 4 weeks ago. Watching tv one evening the wife and I could
    not hear it from all the barking and yipping. Wife asked why I didn't hunt them? No gear honey. Well go get what you need !!
    Savage 17 wmr, scope,green light and misc. VERY pleased--- hits 1/4" off at 100 yards
    Set up a camera---no pictures of yotes yet.
    I've been out yote hunting 3 times. Called in a skunk,possum,red tail.....
    Last tuesday we had 3 flocks of turkey go thru within 30 minutes, 49 in all. Toms in full strut this week.  
    Six Deer robbing the bird feeder. Camera has them in the yard for 2 1/2 hours 10:30pm-1am. 
    Southern tip of Allegheny county
    Looking at what needs done to my trailer and gear for fishing season.....
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