Bait Casting Question

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2017/02/21 14:45:37 (permalink)

Bait Casting Question

I am totally ignorant to this, so here goes.
I am looking to set my boy up with a nice/decent/dependable musky rig this spring.  I have a little jon boat that has taken me FOREVER to modify and make safe, but it is about ready for the water.  I want to get a bait casting rig.  Help me out.  I am looking to spend under 200 bucks, under 150 would be fine too.  I am not above using an ugly stick.  He actually takes a lot of pride in his ugly stick gx2 he uses for bass.
What I need most help in is a reel/rod/line match for these fish.  With the exception of one very big fish I had a follow from last fall, most of the fish I have tangled with or had follows from down here go between 27-40" inches.  We aren't going to be looking at many Lake St. Claire 45 pound fish.
I have never pursued these fish with gear.  I picked him up some double cowgirls, a few big rubber things(bulldogs methinks), a few big rapala looking things for Christmas.  I got a couple lighter colored and some darker colored and a couple different sizes of different styles.  Anything you would recommend that we shouldn't leave home without, lure-wise?  I don't want to over invest, but we live right in the middle of some good medium-sized water in about all directions, and for now at least, he loves fishing.  Worst case his younger siblings could use it someday.
I have done some googling, but I would like some insight from people who actually do this.
Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bait Casting Question 2017/02/21 16:09:48 (permalink)
    Large whooper poppers and those live target ducks in the spring truStmee.

    Id suggest looking at the fox rage line of pike gear but only if you wanna ship from da UK.

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    Re: Bait Casting Question 2017/02/21 21:30:09 (permalink)
    Grab some Fire Tiger Rapalas size 13 and 18, and good leaders, we crank em with Penn spinning reels and heavy action Ugly sticks....! Don't over spend unless your into all season Musky chasing. Most guys overload their tackle, a few raps , few spoons , few top water , and spinners. You won't need any more for a few weeks of chasing Muskies. Too many choices just makes it harder.
    They all can produce in time...remember 10,000 cast per fish !
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