First day of brown it's down?

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2016/12/02 12:05:54 (permalink)

First day of brown it's down?

Who's going to shoot a doe tomorrow if the shot is there?  Just curious.  I've seen enough that I guess one wouldn't hurt the low population to bad. On the way to my spot this morning two fresh killed fawns at different locations not far from my stand. I'm talking back roads not highways.

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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/02 14:42:32 (permalink)
    Have gun, will travel.

    The only reason I get to hunt the property I will be hunting is that they and all the surrounding properties (almost 2,000 acres in total) manage them for buck hunting and my task is doe removal, since it needs to be done and they won't do it.

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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/02 14:44:51 (permalink)
    I'm trying to hold out for antlers, and keep doe tag for flintlock
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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/02 20:22:46 (permalink)
    I may be old and gray and only get it once...... WAIT, What the hell was the question?

    Oh yeah...... shooting a doe; wellll I just don't know. But I do maintain the right to change my mind without restriction or question and have been known, to make split second decisions based on current circumstances.

    But I'll have to get back to you on that.

    In the mean time I'll give some cosideration to the idea.

    Good luck tomorrow and hunt safely, one and all.

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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/02 22:44:09 (permalink)
    KaBlam !!!
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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/05 10:54:49 (permalink)
    I didn't and most likely wouldn't at the spot I was at but, I didn't even have the opportunity.  For northern 2B, NO shooting within miles or me from dawn until noon.  Only saw 4 deer and I think they were does/fawns but they were moving quickly through the brush.  Got out of my stand at 11am and still hunted for an hour and didn't kick up a deer or see another hunter.  Did see that a couple old, leaved over scrapes that I hunted two weeks ago were freshened up recently.  Saw LOTS of big tracks, some fresh rubs and some well worn trails.  Must have been good hunting in that area on the first Monday.  
    Might be heading north for the last Saturday to give the kids another go MYH.  Going to be COLD, windy but hopefully a little white.  Ground blinds should keep us a little protected.
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    Re: First day of brown it's down? 2016/12/05 12:32:04 (permalink)
    I was out all day and had several shots on a few big does that I chose to keep the safety on. Another very quiet day. First shot at 7:50 and only heard 7 shots by noon.

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