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RE: deer 2008/02/14 23:05:04 (permalink)
DanesDad..Bingo, hit it on the head,
I hunt some of these small wood lot barely big enough to be in the safty zone..and you are right not every one has access to these spots...
Lots of big mature deer.
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RE: deer 2008/02/15 02:26:23 (permalink)
Areas like that are one of the PGCs fundamental problems right now.  They throw unlimited tags at it and it doesnt work. We will have to see how this urban deer management plan works out.

Better too far back, than too far forward.
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RE: deer 2008/02/16 12:23:23 (permalink)
"i got a doe opening morning of archary and an 8 point that night"
But there isn't ENOUGH. 

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RE: deer 2008/02/28 16:48:37 (permalink)
Had a small buck in my yard last night that still had all his hardware. It's getting kind of late for that although a few years ago I saw one the first week in April with both sides near Cranberry.
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