g5 t3 and rage 3 blade

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2014/10/13 06:46:39 (permalink)

g5 t3 and rage 3 blade

Was wondering if anyone else has heard this. Was told both these popular broadheads are actually illegal to use in pa. Said to have a barbed design.

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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/13 11:12:27 (permalink)
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/15 07:24:52 (permalink)
    Only thing I read in the book was something about the diameter of the broadhead and of cutting design.
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/15 09:30:09 (permalink)
    Pennsylvania Broadhead Hunting Regulations

    Are mechanical broadheads legal in Pennsylvania? Yes

    Long, recurve, compound bows (minimum draw weight of 35 pounds) or crossbows with broadheads of cutting edge design. Shall have an outside diameter or width of at least 7/8 of an inch with at least two cutting edges located on the same plane throughout the length of the cutting surface. Broadheads shall not exceed three inches in length measured from the tip of the broadhead to the point that fits against the arrow shaft.

    Crimson Talons were the only broadheads I found to be questionable as the cutting edge was not straight along it's plane. However, according to the mfg. the broadheads have been approved by the PGC as the blades straighten upon impact. ??????

    I'm just repeating what I read!!!!

    Short of hiring two Pittsburgh Lawyers; I didn't see anything about barbed broadheads.

    Let us know if you get busted.
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/15 15:53:35 (permalink)
    Nowhere that I have read in Title 58 does it state that "barbed" broadheads are illegal to use.
    I may have missed it though.
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/15 20:07:26 (permalink)
    The code used to state that barbed or reverse angle heads were illegal. I don't know when they dropped that language or why but suspect it was when the expandables became legal. Hell, with the new bows you normally shoot through the deer anyway. In the early days before compounds/crossbows few people shot more than a 50# bow.
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/16 04:09:58 (permalink)
     I have used the 
    Crimson Talons 125grians   They  bore a hole like no other, But the only real down fall is getting the turned right to fly straight.  And No they DO NOT straighten out at impact. I must be getting lazy now I only use rage 100gr @ 2'cut+    basically just spin them on and away you go. They Do cut a big slice. The faster your bow shoots the bigger the slice
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/17 14:06:13 (permalink)
    Rage 2 blade for me. 3 bucks shot with my crossbow already this year. Not over 25yd recovery. I will also add that 2 bucks were killed by my grand kids, one at 42yd.
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    Re: g5 t3 and rage 3 blade 2014/10/17 19:43:20 (permalink)
    Congrats to all !!!
    I love it when the young ones are successful !!!!
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