Geneva Swamp

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2013/10/14 21:27:29 (permalink)

Geneva Swamp

I do not own or have access to a canoe or johnboat, is the swamp wadable?

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    Re: Geneva Swamp 2013/10/14 21:52:18 (permalink)
    I definitely would not recommend wading. The bottom is very unpredictable and extremely mucky in most areas.
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    Re: Geneva Swamp 2013/10/15 17:28:23 (permalink)
    nasty to wade not to mention the reptiles. Ed
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    Re: Geneva Swamp 2013/10/17 08:02:28 (permalink)
    I wade it all the time. Some years are better than others for wading conditions. Conditions change all season, just cause you went to a spot one week doesn't mean you can go there the next.
     Wade with a partner and if not make sure you go slow, have a sling for your gun and use a long wading stick. I like mine to be about 8' with a hook on the end. Take shots accordingly and have fun.

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    Re: Geneva Swamp 2013/11/14 20:53:56 (permalink)
    Waded the swamp more than I canoed it, easier in and out. Find the old duck farm, get on the old railroad bed and walk it either direction away from the truck. Shot many a woodie,teal and mallard, yes you need to be careful and use your head, go slow and like fishing coyote says, make sure you have a sling for your gun.
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