beady egg sack

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2012/10/13 20:24:30 (permalink)

beady egg sack

again in boredom i created something
6/0 pink uni thread
4mm clear red/pink beads
small copper wire
hook any size you desire
1.tie in a good base of thread

2 tie in two small pieces of the wire just long enough to fit three beads
3 slide on three beads on easch of the two pieces of wire

4 pull the wires forward with the beads and wrap the wire around the hook shank once, then secure them with the thread and build a good head, whip finish


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    Re:beady egg sack 2012/10/16 15:40:00 (permalink)
    This rocks man you should try otter eggs next.  Nice pattern though.
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    Re:beady egg sack 2012/10/18 16:12:09 (permalink)
    Interesting, I've used the old " glue egg". Might have to give this pattern a whirl.

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