Evening Goose Hunting

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2012/09/14 09:28:24 (permalink)

Evening Goose Hunting

What do you guys think about it?  It's the only time i can hunt those ugly things. Have you guys had much success with hunting in the evenings?

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    Re:Evening Goose Hunting 2012/09/14 10:49:50 (permalink)
    There are much better goose hunters on here than me, so hopefully they'll chime in.  But, personally speaking, I've found evening hunting in the early season to be just about useless for me.  Might be different where you are though.
    With resident birds on a pretty set pattern, if you're talking the last hour or two of daylight, the flight you're going to see more often than not is from a feeding or loafing spot to the roost.  I've found that it usually happens after legal shooting time.  
    If you're talking late afternoon, you might stand a better chance at decoying geese going from loafing spot to feeding spot, or vice versa.  If you know where they're feeding or loafing, it can work out.  
    If you want to hunt the roost, with the hopes of them coming back before shooting hours are over, you're probably going to knock them off of their pattern and will have to re-pattern them. 
    When the migration is on though, I've found that late afternoon and evening can be a good time to hunt geese.
    If you're in a place where you're seeing small groups or pairs and singles of geese flying in the evening and you can get under them, I'd definitely go for it.  They'll be looking to flock up and you'd probably stand a better chance than hunting a big flock on a set pattern.  
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    Re:Evening Goose Hunting 2012/09/14 13:14:19 (permalink)
    As rs said...its a tough bet to have them come to you before legal hours. I was at Shenango yesterday (fishing) and saw a flock but it was after shooting time. And they weren,t coming into the prop area but flew past and landed in the middle of the lake. Same with the ducks I saw. It was nearly dark.

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    Re:Evening Goose Hunting 2012/09/14 23:49:46 (permalink)
    If you want to hunt a roost in the afternoon, pick a day when it is going to be dark, cloudy, rainy...etc.. Sometimes birds will make it back before shooting hours due to it already being darker out. Personally, id try to hunt them in fields and leave the roost alone. If all you have is floaters, than so be it and shoot them up but remember the more roosts that get blown up, the better chance resident birds will move elsewhere.

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    Re:Evening Goose Hunting 2012/09/15 01:40:14 (permalink)
    X2 what he said ,done blow out a roost I hunt them alot at lothin ? Spots where there just chilling hanging out and u ant gota be there early as heck done forget 30 min to sunset time for early goose

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