lake wilhelm geese question...

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2012/08/28 02:32:58 (permalink)

lake wilhelm geese question...

so i goose hunt a little bit on private property but i kayak and fish alot throughout the stumps at wilhelm and theres always a ton of geese there... so im gonna duke out my kayak all camo and everything to try it out on saturday... anyways any1 who is familar with the propagation area... for those not so familiar with it you cant hunt, fish, or even enter a propagation area... so the place ill be hunting is pretty close to it... so heres my question... if u were hunting there and u shot a goose but it didnt drop right away, it flopped over the line into the propagation area. what do you do? break the law and go get it? leave it there to rot? i know what i would do. just lookin for some other opinions :)

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    Re:lake wilhelm geese question... 2012/08/28 09:20:55 (permalink)
    I would imagine Mr. Green Jeans would probably have that area staked out pretty heavily on the opener.  If he's there and accessible I'd ask him to go get it for you.  Otherwise, it's gone.

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    Re:lake wilhelm geese question... 2012/08/30 06:50:11 (permalink)
    It's a lost bird you won't be able to get it.   Doesn't count towards your limit.
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    Re:lake wilhelm geese question... 2012/08/31 03:12:21 (permalink)
    IMO thats unsportsmen like like I always tell people if u cant get it y kill it,I could have a green band on it, I think that every time I loose one ,ready chaps my azz but it happens

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    Re:lake wilhelm geese question... 2012/09/03 21:22:06 (permalink)
    Thats actually were i goose hunt 95+% of the time. The warden that patrols that area will tell u u can go right up to the line and cast in with a fishing pole to retrieve it but otherwise no entrance. Ive gotten pretty good about knowing the latest possible shot i can take and still b bale to get out to the line, if necessary, and still b able to cast to it and retrieve it. Just if ur using a fishing pole for retrieving u NEED ur fishing license. Ive had many birds aid in my learning of wen to stop shooting and if theyre coming out of the prop area wen i can safely start shooting. Ive used a fishin pole with 50lb braid and a 3/8 oz and a turtle hook to much success wading out as far as i can and this yr i bought a kayak so i can float out to the line and can cast ro sum of the ones that we could never retrieve before. Still very conscious of were they land. Luckily saturday only one landed in the prop but it was only about 10u ft in so it was an easy retrieve. Hope this helps :)
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