PI frustration

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2007/12/23 17:43:34 (permalink)

PI frustration

I have been hunting Presque Isle a lot this year, and so far so good.  I appologize in advance but I just have to vent a bit...  We hunted yesterday morning out of blind 75 and didn't do so good, mostly because of the guys that were hunting in 74.  They must have been watching that show on Verses that I have been hearing about where the guys "prove" you can down birds at 70 yards with heavy shot.  We did not watch them take a shot on a bird that was within 60 yards all morning.  On the other hand we did watch as two birds that were wounded swam off and these guys didn't go after them.  It took every fiber of my being not to go balistic on them.  I hunted until 10:00 and fired a grand total of 5 shells.  These guys left the same time we did, but left their spread out, I think they ran out of shells.
What would you guys have done?  Confront them or just keep your mouth shut?

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    RE: PI frustration 2007/12/23 19:13:22 (permalink)
    I have hollered at a few, not too smart guts, sky blasting . Not letting the birds come down. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

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    RE: PI frustration 2007/12/24 09:06:34 (permalink)
    Very rarely will I say something to anyone in those cases, it doesn't seem to do much good. I think most folks need to figure it out for themselves. However, it might not hurt, finding the right words is tough.....

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    RE: PI frustration 2007/12/30 23:07:15 (permalink)
    a little off track but two of us where hunting the duck areas at pymy, and it wasn't that bad of a day, but three idiots where doing the same thing, anything that circled within 80 yds. they blasted at.after about three hours of this we had enough. and called over to the management building, on our cell phone and explained what was happening. within 45 min one of the wardens paddled in and explained to the deadeyes what actual shooting range really was. Our hats are off to the crew at the management area, they went over and beyond.  thanks,
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