what do ya think???

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2012/02/01 04:46:45 (permalink)

what do ya think???

Daytime highs in the 10 day all above freezing lows all below freezing. . Think we will have ice through February,??


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    RE: what do ya think??? 2012/02/01 07:16:35 (permalink)
    I heard last night mid February is going to get a period of colder weather. Hopefully, we'll wait and see.

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    RE: what do ya think??? 2012/02/01 07:33:13 (permalink)
    I'm beginning to wonder.  If, and it's always a big "If", the forecast holds up as forecasted...It's going to be difficult to have a net gain in ice.  I was on Eaton all day yesterday and it was amazing the amount of ice we lost during our time out there.  We started the day with approximately 3-4" of good hard black ice and 2-3" of white ice.  When we left at about 8pm...in most areas, the white ice was completely turned into slush and we lost 1/2"-3/4" of clear ice as well. 
    Now, this wouldn't be a big deal if we were expecting a cold snap to tighten the white ice back up, and rebuild the clear ice.  The short and long-term forecast doesn't bear this out however.  Usually what happens this time of year is we see some temps over freezing during some days which packs or melts insulating snow/slush.  Then we get cold nights which tightens the top up and adds to the base clear ice.  This year we're not getting those cold nights to tighten things/add to base. 
    This means we may not (probably won't) have the 8-15" of composite ice that we normally have that helps us weather the warm-ups and rain that we often see in late Feb. and early March.  If we don't see a significant cold snap by next week or shortly thereafter...I'm afraid we've seen the best ice conditions we'll see this year.
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