Bi-Color Worm

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2012/01/14 14:03:12 (permalink)

Bi-Color Worm

Bi-Color Worm

I'm not one to use San Juan worms. Maybe I give trout more credit than they deserve. I just can't understand why they would bite on a piece of chenille tied to a hook. There's nothing special or fishy looking that I can see, but than I'm not the hungry trout.
When we fished the Bighorn River, in Montana, we had great success on a Bi-Color worm that is used out there with regularity. The trout loved them and slammed them as if trying to get to it before another could.
I have used it occasionally around these parts and have had a few takers but than again, like I said, I don't fish imitation worms often. Mostly I use them in quick semi-deep runs during or after a rain when debris is starting to flow down stream as the water starts to cloud.
Here's the simple pattern that works!

Hook: 3X curved nymph hook
Thread: Red
Main Boby: Red Ultra Chenille
Front Body: Wine Ultra Chenille

1. Thread base curved hook and tie down a length of Chenille at hook bend as shown leaving extended length front and back.

2. Wrap thread around hook shank only towards front and tie down front portion of red chenille behind eye of hook.

3. Take piece of wine color chenille and tie down behind eye with chenille face towards back of hook.

4. From front of Wine chenille tightly wrap thread over both colors of chenille a bit behind hook eye as shown. Bring thread back behind eye.

5. Fold Wine chenille forward over hook eye and tie down with a few thread wraps just behind eye of hook. Whip finish.

6. Cut to length and lightly burn each end of chenille.

I tie them in a few other colors. I use the thinner darker ones in slower water.

One from the Bighorn
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    RE: Bi-Color Worm 2012/01/14 16:56:52 (permalink)
    Nice.Looks like an easy tie for us rookies too.

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    RE: Bi-Color Worm 2012/01/15 07:56:04 (permalink)
    Effective and easy to tie. Thanks DT for takin the time.

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    RE: Bi-Color Worm 2012/01/15 15:18:01 (permalink)
    Scud hook and throw some lead on that sucker.
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