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2011/09/17 23:55:02 (permalink)

Jock Scott

This fly was a real challenge, haven't tied any fancy's in a full year.It has some issues, but I'm pretty happy with it. It will mounted in a shadow box and donated to the "one fly" outing. Hope its to your liking,


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    RE: Jock Scott 2011/09/17 23:57:11 (permalink)
    nice.... just have it Engraved SKIP


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    RE: Jock Scott 2011/09/18 06:08:24 (permalink)
    Very nice Bruce. When I see ya at the One FLy - we'll have to have a chat about how you get the roof to look so nice. I got real issues with that whenever I do it......

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    RE: Jock Scott 2011/09/18 08:07:43 (permalink)
    Change the engraving to SKIP touched this when you gave it to JACK LOL!

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