Opener Limit

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2011/09/01 22:07:01 (permalink)

Opener Limit

What a ride its been the last week, had all kinds of fields lined up than nothing. Put on some serious miles between the crew the last few days before today, found a honey hole that we watched birds go down into which could not be seen from any road. Got the go ahead from the farmer. Arrived at 3:30, to be greeted by one crazy thunderstorm and downpours. Got everything into the field (1/2 mile walk, never again) than headed to the trucks to stay dry. 6:45 came around with the sky still dark and pouring rain, we decided to brave it and headed out. Birds came quick, ended up having a great shoot killing a 6 man limit of 48 birds, all on video. Great way to start the PA season.

The Lord has blessed us all today... It's just that he has been particularly good to me.

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    RE: Opener Limit 2011/09/01 23:41:18 (permalink)
    sounds like a hell of a day u had bet that wasnt much fun carrying all them geese back out good job fellas
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    RE: Opener Limit 2011/09/02 10:37:17 (permalink)
    Sweet! Thats alot of work for sure! How many shells?lol
    The cleaning had to take awhile . Great job bud.

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    RE: Opener Limit 2011/09/02 12:03:30 (permalink)
    nice good job i slept in this morn wish i hadnt my buddys went out limited out. . . . always happens dangit
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