Curing feathers?

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2011/08/14 09:20:36 (permalink)

Curing feathers?

I have a friend who raises chickens, and occasionally he will kill a rooster or two and he has offered me the feathers. How do I cure a cape or a tail fan to maximize usability for ties. He has some really strange colored chickens, and a couple of really nice barred rocks.

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    RE: Curing feathers? 2011/08/14 09:41:28 (permalink)
    First I would salt the skin let sit scrape off and repeat. Get the skin as clean as you can then give it a good bath or two in a mild detergent and dry. Once you have it to your liking you can apply a little tanning oil if you wish.
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    RE: Curing feathers? 2011/08/15 08:57:09 (permalink)
    I haven't done this with chicken feathers, but I have with whole skinned pheasants -- used some feathers for flies, but most to make Christmas wreaths.
    I skin the bird, microwave it for about 3 minutes, pick off whatever meat/fat cures up, and then treat with borax on the skin side.  Store between sheets of news paper for about a week and then shake off the excess borax.  The borax is laundry detergent -- 20 Mule Team, I think.

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    RE: Curing feathers? 2011/08/19 03:05:57 (permalink)
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