never hunted up north

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2007/11/22 13:21:55 (permalink)

never hunted up north

where is a good place to start hunting for duck around the pymatuning area.also hunt duck in the pittsburgh area..

thx for the info
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    RE: never hunted up north 2007/11/22 16:03:37 (permalink)
    SGL's 213 and 214. also try the Pymy WR or the Erie WR
    Details on the SGLs are on the PGC web site.
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    RE: never hunted up north 2007/11/23 15:41:55 (permalink)
    Your best bet in the Pittsburgh area is to knock on doors on the farms around the area.  I live about 1/2 north of the 'burgh, and get some action on small farm ponds in the area.  Not nearly as many as you'd find up around Pymy or Erie, but usually see some.  Although, on smaller water it's often hit or miss.  Wednesday morning had ducks and geese flying pretty much all morning.  Saw only one small flock of geese today. 
    I've never hunted it, but Lake Arthur is supposed to be pretty decent too. 
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    RE: never hunted up north 2007/11/23 18:30:54 (permalink)
    Ducks are in the South Zone ,but not the Northwest till the 10th. of Dec.

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