A quick stop in south Elk Co

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2011/05/08 20:11:27 (permalink)

A quick stop in south Elk Co

Erie Mako and I went up to camp in southern Elk Saturday to do spring maintainance... we got there early and actually got our work done sooner than expected so we decided to walk across the road to the creek to dabble for an hour or so before leaving.
The water levels are up from recent rains, which was to be expected, but surprisingly the water was very clear despite increased flow. It was overcast most of the time, with almost constant rain showers but never a hard rain, so no big deal...
We didn't even bother with waders or anything other than a few basics... we just wanted to relax and it ended up being a wonderful way to round out the day... We opted to let the dogs go with us and they explored (sometimes in front of us ) and played while we did too.
We ended up with a half dozen to hand and about that many more lost before landed...
As a bonus we ended up finding some Morel mushrooms at camp and close to the creek... they made a nice treat last night!

Neither of us claim to be photographers... and I don't even play one on TV... but here are a few shots for water levels and such...


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    RE: A quick stop in south Elk Co 2011/05/08 22:45:44 (permalink)
    Thats great! Water looks in good shape..:)
    Thats one colorful brookie there!
    I could never take Mika fishing ,she would chase where I cast.

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    RE: A quick stop in south Elk Co 2011/05/09 08:34:44 (permalink)

    look at that a black bear and a cinnimon phase fishing right in front of you lol.
    the pics are great and i am jealous.

    I didn't say these are the ten suggestions
    signed God
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    RE: A quick stop in south Elk Co 2011/05/09 09:17:33 (permalink)
    Glad I am not the only one fishing. Good for you!
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