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2007/11/10 21:38:00 (permalink)

new fly rod

hey guys im thinking of a new rod for trout i have a 3wt ,6wt, 8wt. and a 9wt i was looking at some 9ft 5 wt any suggestions im fond of redington but like some other ideas

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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/10 21:46:34 (permalink)
    If your looking for the same price range, st.cioux, diamondback, tfo. if your looking for the next range from there look at the sage rods. I tend to like the sages and go for the older models that are for sale at ebay. Rplx,rplxi,rpl+ are all good rods. G lloomis makes a g3 rod thats handles good. Winston has a ibis rod which I like and own a 5wt. There are so many good mid-ranged rods that the best thing to do is pick up a couple and get a feel for each and it abilities.
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/13 19:08:40 (permalink)
    The Temple Fork Outfitters Professional series is a great rod at a great price.  I have several of these rods in different weights.  I really like them.  They cost around $140.
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/13 19:59:41 (permalink)
    The G-Loomis Streamdance Metolius 5wt is what I use and I would definetly reccomend it.  This rod casts ridiculously well and its right around $375.  Im a fan of faster action rods because of the water I usually fish this on demands some tight line control.  Just some input.
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/13 20:16:05 (permalink)
    Been partial to Scott.  Dave
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/13 20:17:08 (permalink)
    I bought a 9'9" 5wt last summer.  I was looking into the midrange rods as it appears you are too.  I ended up buying a Cabelas LST.  They call it a fast action rod but seems to fall more on the line of moderate/fast.  I was looking for a little extra length to help nymph bigger water, also to upgrade my fenwick 9' 5wt.  The rod casts well and is very easy to load.  Nice rod for around 180, also has a 25 year warranty.
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/13 21:56:31 (permalink)
    the best rod for all purpose angling is my scott rod. 5wt. it's got the gonads for taking on some good size trout and wears them down quicker than any of my other rods. it's a med-fast action. it roll casts as well as overhand and side arm cast. great for short casts, don't have to take it back to full draw to get a good forward cast.  i broke the tip off and even after i had it 5 years, scott replaced it free of charge, no questions asked. if you find a dealer around who carries them, try one. they're made in colorado. good people
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/14 15:12:03 (permalink)
    i have scott, avid, TFO orivs and lamiglass.  for all-around use i like the scot best.  i have an SAS 9' 5wt and love it for everything from dry to nymph to streamer use.  the new model is the A2.  what double taper said, i broke the tip off my rod ( it's a 3 piece) last spring and sent it back to scott. even though they discontinued the rod, they tracked down the serial number and looked at the old notes to manufacture an exact replica for me.  i can't feel the difference at all.  how many companies take the time to do that?  the avid is real nice too but i have that in a specialty size 6'6" 3wt, and it's great for small streams.
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    RE: new fly rod 2007/11/14 16:16:10 (permalink)
    bow my buddy creel as he goes by on here was screwed over by reddingtons service had to pay some bs price for getting another tip on his flyrod.i myself am partial to sage and st croix
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