PI Bay Ice conditions

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2011/02/28 19:15:45 (permalink)

PI Bay Ice conditions

Any one know if the ice is still safe to go out on tomorrow morning (3/01/11). I was looking to go off of Chestnut. Along with that any helpful info is appreciated. Im trying to fill the bucket with some fat perch one last time

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    RE: PI Bay Ice conditions 2011/02/28 20:14:48 (permalink)
    I cannot say what conditions are like now, but I was surprised last Saturday how much slop was on the ice off Chestnut. But then when you think about, that snow storm we got on Friday it was relatively warm and very wet snow. I'm talking ankle deep water on the ice with snow and slush above that.
    I can only imagine with the rain we got over night and this morning that our days on the ice are numbered. Be careful!
    You see a lot of planks this time of year because the shoreline always goes first. Its frustrating because the ice may be good "out there", but you can't get to it.

    Someone posted about 10 days ago when we had the last warm spell - they were off the 2nd parking lot I think and they got out OK, but had to jump in and wade to shore to get back, the shoreline eroded that quick. Of course that is the south facing side and will go first.

    I was hoping for cold nights this week to preserve the ice for when I get back from Sincoe at the end of the week, but I'm not betting on it.

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    RE: PI Bay Ice conditions 2011/02/28 22:10:26 (permalink)
    honestly I think the ice will be fine. would need several days of warmth although we are on the back stretch
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    RE: PI Bay Ice conditions 2011/03/01 13:25:33 (permalink)
    sorry i couldnt join you this week hendy...seening the doc 4 times this week for some treatment for my back....so if youre interested for sometime next week, im hoping to be good enough to go

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