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2007/11/06 19:30:39 (permalink)


Hey if any of you Kind waterfowlers have any Extra feathers you could do without I would appreciate some if possible
Thanks fellas

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    RE: Feathers 2007/11/07 09:00:43 (permalink)
    I'll let you know after Saturday.  Anything in particular you are looking for?  What should I save also -- wing feathers, tail feathers, body? 
    Let me know - we'll be hunting the Peninsula Saturday morning.
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    RE: Feathers 2007/11/07 12:24:09 (permalink)
    Skip - I have some in my truck as we speak...No one has claimed them yet...
    Wood duck lemon feathers...from 2 1/2 ducks....would have been a whole 3 but the last one was shot up pretty bad...I even think I have some at home somewhere....DONT ask for them cuz I have NO IDEA where they could be...Lost my gun room to my youngest daughter and my chit is scattered everywhere...
    One drake I got was mature w/the black and white tips...Dont Know how I could get them to you....
    I work in Pixburg & live in BC...???
    I'll keep my eye open for those "lost" ones...
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    RE: Feathers 2007/11/14 10:29:22 (permalink)
    The geese are here big time but won,t come out of the prop area. A large flock was here for 2 days and rested, then left yesterday. Heard swans heading south also. The merganzers are here also. Got a hooded m. yesterday. Pretty thing.

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