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2010/12/26 13:59:45 (permalink)


does anyone know if fish usa or anyone else has an exchange program for ice auger blades? would like to know if there is an option besides new blades? thanks steelin1957

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    RE: RESHARPENED AUGER BLADES 2010/12/26 14:39:11 (permalink)
    i'd say just buy new blades. For all the time spent finding someone to do it, alot of fishing time is lost.

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    RE: RESHARPENED AUGER BLADES 2010/12/26 18:50:14 (permalink)
    Contact Budd Hull at Last time I used him they were under $10 to sharpen and return. You will get your blades back that you send him. It's not an exchange program. He's been sharpening my blades including an old spoon auger for 40 years and they always come back sharp and cut great.

    It's also not a bad idea to get an extra set so you have a back up in case you go thru a lot of dirt and dull them out on the ice.
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    RE: RESHARPENED AUGER BLADES 2010/12/27 12:23:06 (permalink)
    Give Bob a call at Fergies Bait & Tackle on Lake Wilhelm. He has been using a professional auger sharpener for several years now and does an excellent job on all types of augers.
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    RE: RESHARPENED AUGER BLADES 2011/01/14 08:35:03 (permalink)
    We sharpen blades for $5.00 a set. All we ask is that you take them off before you bring them in. East End Angler, 4702 East Lake Rd, Erie PA Usual turn around is 1 day. We also have some very inexpensive blades for sale so you don't go without. 6",7" &8" for right around $9.00 a set.
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    RE: RESHARPENED AUGER BLADES 2011/01/14 11:14:45 (permalink)
    Thats a real good deal on blades, I wish I lived closer so I could get a couple sets.  
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