Inflatable life vests

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2007/10/30 14:50:30 (permalink)

Inflatable life vests

I'm thinking of getting one of these. I go boating(fishing) & wading. I'm thinking the manual verus self inflating would be my best choice. Anyone have any opinions, brand, cost, etc.

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    RE: Inflatable life vests 2007/10/30 22:01:31 (permalink)
    well a guy i know was up erie. he speared a wave in his boat and his blew up on him.
    they are nice to have they dont get in your way... only bad thing about manual ones you could fall and hit your head on a rock  or something and if you have a inflatable one and you fall get knocked out it will go off turning you rightside up so you do not drown
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    RE: Inflatable life vests 2007/10/31 11:24:12 (permalink)
    They all depend on the type of fishing you'll be doing. I knew I'd only be using mine with my float tube, so i went with the manual. If I was going to be boating on the lake or in less than perfect conditions, I'd probably go with the automatic.
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    RE: Inflatable life vests 2007/11/01 11:57:21 (permalink)
    I have 2 both are manual. Mine are the butt pack type. The others that seem to be quite popular are the Sospenders brand. Much better to wear than a full life vest.

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    RE: Inflatable life vests 2007/11/02 17:09:56 (permalink)
    I was told to go for the Mustang Brand vest.Most of the Auto inflaters will go off when wet even rain can set them off or a wave as stated.Mustangs go off when submerged in 4"of water.It takes pressure to set them off.
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    RE: Inflatable life vests 2007/11/03 11:35:29 (permalink)
    I've got a Sospenders auto inflater. It only goes off when water pressure triggers it. I've never heard of or seen an auto inflater going off when rain hits it. 
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