Clam 5600 or 2000

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2007/10/25 17:47:36 (permalink)

Clam 5600 or 2000

Does anybody have either one? I was looking into buying one of the two but not sure which one. I like the 5600 because I am a tall person but the weight of it scares me a little, I am not sure if the 2000 is going to be big enough. Does anybody have any pros or cons?
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    RE: Clam 5600 or 2000 2007/10/26 06:41:08 (permalink)
    It's best to get in them and see if you like the fit. What feels comfy to you may be sacraficed by price to someone else. If you know what i mean. See if they'll put the setup together so you can choose what you want. And remember, less weight, less comfort. I went from an ultralite to a fish trap pro last season. BIG diffrence in comfort, and a big diffrence in weight. Well worth it to me.
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    RE: Clam 5600 or 2000 2007/10/31 00:29:11 (permalink)
    I'm a big guy 6 ft 4 in @ 250 lb & the 2000would be good for me by myself but it would be crowded with another person . They  say it is a 2 man shelter , i beg to differ. It seems you never have enough room . So if you are going alone the 2000 may work for you . I don't know where your from but  gander mt. or dicks sporting goods should have 1 set up by now, another thing to consider is the bigger the shelter the bigger the heater to heat it. check out this site for more info  Great site,they cover it all here
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    RE: Clam 5600 or 2000 2007/10/31 21:16:03 (permalink)
    I've never been a fan of the Clam's. I have two friends that have them and they are a pain to set up, ESPECIALY when you're cold.  They have a lot of funky connections and the top is not sealed to the floor.  I have a Viking and another friend just bought a Shapell.  I, personaly, prefer that style of hut.  And trust me the clam's pull like a ton of bricks.  My one friend has the 9600 and if they can't use a 4 wheeler then they usually only fish within a short distance of shore.
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    RE: Clam 5600 or 2000 2007/11/03 20:34:08 (permalink)
    I have the Clam 2000 and have fished several times out of a 5600.
    The 2000 sets up like the Viking or the Shapperell and is fully attached around the bottom.
    The 2000 is alot easier to pull but is much smaller.  It works great for one guy and will fish 2, but if you are planning to fish 2 often, go with the 5600. 
    Personally, I would go with a FishTrap Guide if I were to do it again.w_w.

    If it has fins and gills, I'm there.

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