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2010/06/14 19:52:58 (permalink)

Little J

Finally....I'll be able to get out for a few days and will be on Yellow and the Little J. It's been years - way too long since I've felt the waters of the J and forget what it's like. Sad isn't it. Was thinkin of parkin at the end of Mountain Rd and doin some walkin, castin, and thinkin.  Am I right in wondering if the sulphers are still in the air? Help appreciated. 

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    RE: Little J 2010/06/14 20:55:20 (permalink)
    I was out last evening for the first time in a while.  I was up river and below a spring about a quarter mile... water was 69 degrees.  Didn't see any sulphurs but there should still be some 18's around.   A few blue duns, cahills, slate and yellow drakes.   Was a pretty warm evening.  Tonight would have been good for risers.
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    RE: Little J 2010/06/14 22:04:59 (permalink)
    Like Jon said... cahills, isonychia, blue quills, and #18 sulphurs. If we get some more cool evenings there should be good spinner falls.

    You'll pick up most of your fish nymphing in the riffles right now. Cahill nymphs, iso nymphs, and little sulphur nymphs are working well. Some tiny pheasant tail nymphs to match the blue quill nymphs would be a good to take along, too.

    Ants are working close the banks, and beetles should start working soon.
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    RE: Little J 2010/06/15 07:23:50 (permalink)
    Don't forget to take the blue quills -- maybe even some really, really, really small ones.
    Best of luck.

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