Mayfly Tube Bodiz

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2010/06/12 21:00:01 (permalink)

Mayfly Tube Bodiz

They call these "Tube Bodiz" and if you can find 'em in the shop - you can buy them already made up but here's a way ya can make your own. Once you get the knack of it - it's kind of easy and you can make up a bunch of them prior to tying the rest of the flies ya need. You do need a rotating vice to do it though. Here it is:

1. Insert a sewing needle into the vice

2. Coat the needle with some Flex Seal.

3. Take some tailing material (I find that microfibbets work great here) and lay it on top of the needle. The Flex Seal will keep it in place. Moose main hair also works good.

4. Take some fine dubbing - color of choice - make a loose strand of it about 6" long, lay the tip of the dubbing against the rear of the needle and begin rotating the vice. The Flex Seal will "grab" the dubbing to the point where you can wrap the dubbing around the needle as it rotates- working it forward to the tip/point.

5. When you think you have enough to make the taper of the tail/body, stop the wrapping. The body will look a bit "hairy" so take your finger and while putting slight pressure against the body - rotate the vice. This will smooth out the body.

6. Now take some "Hard As Hull" and coat the body. Again take your finger, rotate the vice and evenly distribute the cement around the body being careful not to get any on the tailing material (microfibbets).  Slide the body off the needle, gently roll it between your fingers to get the final shape you want and let dry.

7. To use them on the fly - what I like to do is "impale" the body on the hook kind of like you do when you put on a plastic worm on a hook. Insert the hook point on the body and "roll" it through the tube body to the top of the hook shank. Start the thread and tie off the front part of the body. This way the entire body is created and all you have to do is hackle and wing the fly.

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    RE: Mayfly Tube Bodiz 2010/06/12 21:49:41 (permalink)
    Nice technique
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    RE: Mayfly Tube Bodiz 2010/06/12 22:10:34 (permalink)
    Very nice Steely. Many nice uses with that technique!

    Thanks for sharing,
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