First Fork Fishing

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2010/06/11 16:58:36 (permalink)

First Fork Fishing

Anyone heading to the First Fork Sinnamahoning should enjoy good fishing. The first week of June, from the route 120 bridge to a few miles above Wharton, I found plenty of fish and nice size too. Kudos to the PA Fish Commish for the first time since 2002 that I have found good fishing outside the DHALO. Go enjoy the stream in the State Park-It's beautiful away from the road.

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    RE: First Fork Fishing 2010/06/12 01:02:57 (permalink)
    I was up on the First Fork from May 29th - June 1st.

    It was beautiful as the evening till dark was swarming with hatches and the trout were going crazy.

    Wonderful country you have up there.
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    RE: First Fork Fishing 2010/06/12 17:19:34 (permalink)
    I used to love fishing the delayed harvest area with my grandpa when I was a kid. We used to catch a bunch of Rainbows up there with salmon eggs. That area is gorgeous. It feels like you're out west somewhere. When they turned it into a delayed harvest area they ruined it for me. I seldom make the long haul to First Fork anymore. We used to catch lots of trout around Costello but the last few times I went it wasn't very good. I had a couple decent days around the bridge (with the stone wall) that is just up the road from the delayed harvest area but that's been about it. Even worse for me though is Driftwood. That was my favorite stream for years. The number of trout stocked there is pathetic. It's nowhere near as good as it used to be. I make a couple of token trips each year for old time's sake but the fishing isn't very good.
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    RE: First Fork Fishing 2010/06/13 11:37:13 (permalink)
    We were up there all through the first week of June and the hatches and the fishing was tremendous.
    But, I only fished the DHALO for an hour. I midged two out right away but those black friendly flies were a bit too friendly as they eventually chased me off the stream. The flies weren't as bad farther up the creek.
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    RE: First Fork Fishing 2010/06/13 11:52:41 (permalink)
    My Dad first took me and my bro to First Fork in 1958. We had one sleeping bag, no tent, a Coleman stove and a Coleman lantern. We had push button Zebcos and Dad had a Michell 300 (what else). We loved it.
    It wasn't much different than today. Less improved. Tons and I mean TONS of deer. We took a ton of fish out of the big creek too and hiked up all the brook trout streams also. Lushbaugh etc.
    In the 60s, Dad was our scoutmaster so the whole troop got to go. What a blast. I LOVE that area.
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