Lake Ontario Tributary Anglers Organization

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2007/10/12 12:52:03 (permalink)

Lake Ontario Tributary Anglers Organization

It looks like I am going to go through with this thing after all. We have a few names that I am going to throw out there and let you all decide on what one we want. If there are any other suggestions please add them.

Once we create the name, we will have to create the executive board/ board of directors. Several have shown interest in volunteering for this but we still need volunteers. The board will consist of 7 members maximum.

The organizations main focus will be on education of anglers, lobbying local judges, town and county, and state officials on items concerning the Lake Ontario Fishery as a whole but with the primary concentration being its tributaries.

Yearly membership fees will be $25 per person and yes, other donations will be accepted. I will also do the work to get a tax number for the organization so you will be able to write any donations off.

So far I have received several emails in support and want to especially thank DITCHRAT of River Runs Rods for volunteering to provide web space, a section of his site dedicated for this and just general advice on the whole situation. Before I finalize that process, I want to give a little more time for the owner of this site to get back to me on what he can provide. So, if anyone wants- please send him emails and pms supporting the cause.

The key is exposure, the more people we get exposed to this organization and get to support it, the better off we will be. AS I said before, I am still waiting from feedback from the owner of this site for his input and support. With 2000+ members, I think this is the forum to reach the most people- (no offense Ditch)

LOTAC- Lake Ontario Tributary Anglers Committee
TALO- Tributary Anglers of Lake Ontario
TASC- (previously mentioned) Stands for- Tributary Advisory Stakeholder Council
CALOT- Concerned Anglers for Lake Ontario Tributaries

So lets have it- Hopefully we will get a lot of votes and some more comments and suggestions from people!!!!

How will funds be used?
1. Cost for operations
2. Support Clean up and Seminars
3. Hatchery needs (LOSA donated $ for an underwater cam in the LFZ) that sort of thing.
4. All monies donated will go straight back into the fishery.
5. I am thinking of having patches made up, once I figure out Logo- your membership would pay for that- everyone that signs up would get at least a patch, maybe even a hat.
6. In the future the other items I would support or send money too:
A. Atlantic Salmon research and reintroduction
B. How to sustain a viable summer fishery
7. Other worthy causes thought up by members

What rights do you have as a member?
Your feedback and input would be taken, if backed by the majority of the organization, then taken to the DEC, County officials etc. to make it a better fishery.

You will have the right to participate in all group activities, but not required, basically I am trying to give something back to the river that I have spent 20 years of my life enjoying.

What rights are you looking for?

What makes us different from other organizations?
Right now there is only 1 group (LOSA) that I know of that represents tributary anglers at the Lake Stakeholders meetings. I would like to make this group another one that has a seat at the table. We would work in conjunction with LOSA and various Trout Unlimited Groups on certain activities. I don't think any organization has a stream mentor program at this moment. That is something I would like to start for next salmon season.

Remember- I/ We are still in the development stage and still need input from everyone. I hope that answers your question Mike- Actually- PM me your email address and I will send you the information that I have so far.

The other thing I would like to add that will be focused on is the NESTLE situation.  I personally have not made up my mind on the whole scenario. Great points have been made on both sides. My feeling is that we as an organization would Lobby the powers that be to make sure there is an unbiased study conducted that would be used to make the final decision. This study should include feedback from towns that already has a water plant similar to what is being proposed and what effects it has had on its ecosystem. My main concern is that NY state does its due diligence on this matter and does not only look at the dollar signs.

So there you have it. Give me your feedback on Names and anything else you would like to have.

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    RE: Lake Ontario Tributary Anglers Organization 2007/10/20 11:34:33 (permalink)

    It should probably also be said that an attempt to form a group like this, that speaks for the wider trib angler base (a lot of us won't join LOSA because we disagree with a lot of the language in the bylaws) and not just steelhead anglers, and that also had representation from commercial interest slike stream guides and flyshop owners, took place 2 or 3 years ago under sponsorship of Dave McNeil of Sea Grant.  The last meeting that I heard about was held a year ago April in Sodus.  There were some problems with finding places that representatives from all along the coast could gather, and with conflicts especially for the commercial partners with work schedules and shop hours.  Mission and vision statements had been drafted but not necessarily adopted.  Organizational issues, which you will need to consider as well, that had not been resolved included how to fund, whether the organization should be a 501(c)(3) or some form  of for-profit (remember, if you collect a dollar for anything, you have to deal with the IRS and NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance), generation of bylaws and all the other minutia of running an organization that actually detracts from doing it.  This group, TASC, did attend the December 2005 Stakeholders meeting, and had decided at the April 2006 get together, to try to organize in three regional subgroups Western, Central and Northern areas roughly similar to the three units of the Lake Onario Coastal Initiative, a water quality effort.  Many of the folks who attended these Tributary Anglers and Stakeholders Committee (TASC) meetings were also members of LOSA or had some other affiliation.  I can only speak for myself, but I didn't have the amount of time that it was starting to look like it would take, and I didn't see the hierarchy at DEC particularly interested in dealing with yet another group of whiners looking for ever more restrictive regulations.  This may have changed now that they have the data on how many of us are out there, so your effort may be worthwhile, and it is always great to see someone new shoulder the yoke that some of us have been carrying for over 30 years.  I'm putting in my time as a representative to my County Fisheries Advisory Board, and while I really never carry a debate as pretty much the only ditch fisher there (Dave Agness had been invited to join and attended a few meetings, but I think he had his hands full with LOSA), at least the viewpoints are getting expressed, and I get contact with our regional fisheries manager on the rapidly diminishing occasions when DEC is present.  I think you should also remember that some of the faces at the Stakeholders Table wear two hats. As an example, while Troy Creasy has a big interest in the open water fishery, he is also an eloquent speaker for the tributaries, DSR is represented, and guys like Bill Hilts jr are promoting the whole thing, not just the open lake. 

    But if you can get over the obstacles, and you get a platform developed. run it up the flagpole, I just may salute, and kick in with some time and money.


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