Note from Mr. Jigs

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2010/04/09 22:14:19 (permalink)

Note from Mr. Jigs

Steve, Mr.Jigs has asked me several time to drop you a note for him so I guess I should.
He said to tell you He has,nt droped off the end of the world just got to it's edge down south. He went South this winter to Louisiana and will be back the middle of next week. He promises a ton of crappie and big bass pics including a 11lb large mouth he caught on Caney creek lake. He said he misses you guys and hopes you had a good time ice fishing. He has been there since Jan 1st.
I hope I put this in right spot. JD

A lure drawing the first strike of an early morning, the strong tug on the end of your line, the excitement of a leaping fish... that,s livin large!

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    RE: Note from Mr. Jigs 2010/04/10 09:47:28 (permalink)
    Tell him we wish him all the best and hopfully we'll see him this summer
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    RE: Note from Mr. Jigs 2010/04/10 12:46:02 (permalink)
    Man its good to hear some news from Jigs. Cant wait to get that report from down south.
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    RE: Note from Mr. Jigs 2010/04/11 02:34:09 (permalink)
    Whoo-hoo Jigs is a coming back .... NOW after my verbal tongue lashing .... (for not making is whereabouts known) making us worried, "Thank Goodness" ur alright - Got to get ya out Striper fishing ... and share some of them stories ya got down south. Hope ya see this when ya get back (when compass points north ya will always find friends) PM me with a phone number...   
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