Stories of old

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2010/04/09 07:35:39 (permalink)

Stories of old

So Im itchin to hear the most exciting turkey hunting stories everyones got...

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    RE: Stories of old 2010/04/09 08:13:40 (permalink)
    So here is my favorite turkey hunting story.
    It was a rainy, windy morning and most people decided to stay in bed, I was foolish and decided to get dressed and go out.
    By the time I was back in the woods where I knew there was birds, I was soaked head to toe and cold but set up anyway.  As it got light out, the wind and rain slowed down but still not a good morning.  Then the fun began, I heard a gobble about 50 yards in front of me still in the tree, I was set up perfectly, just hoped he would fly out of the tree the right way and soon as I was getting really cold at that point.  After about an hour of him calling in the tree and me not being able to see him, I had three hens walk right past me and started talking and feeding.  Then I saw him fly down and start coming my way.  Thinking this was going to be the easiest hunt ever, no calling on my part needed.  I watched him come closer could see he was a nice tom and got ready, as I turned so very little to get the gun in the right direction for the shot another gobbler that had come in behind me sound off and scarred me.
    No bird killed that day due to them seeing me but what fun, birds all around me and two nice gobblers in the area.
    Couple days later went back in and did get one of those birds.
    Good luck out there.
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    RE: Stories of old 2010/04/09 14:28:44 (permalink)
    my first year spring gobbler...
    me and dad head out to one of his favorite woods and get set up. he sat me by a tree bout 5yds in front of him since he was doing the calling. after the woods lite up with the sounds of birds gobbling like crazy my blood is pumping.  then a few jakes flew down in front of us just over the hill after every time they gobbled i knew they where getting close and then all of a sudden there they were just 10yds away gobbling like crazy they stood behind a bush for wat felt like an hour which was only like a minute. then i hear the word "SHOOT" real loud and the turkeys walk out from behind the bush looking like wat the heck was that...and i let it have it. so i ran up and got my bird i pickd it up and noticed the bushes moving behind it so i walked over and found another bird. so i got 2 with one shoot. at a young age like that i thought i was talk of the town. later on in life find out that its really not that hard to u should just wait for a clean shot when no other birds r behind it. So after all that i turnd to my dad to ask why in the heck did u yell shoot? well i guess from where he was sitting the birds where in the open the whole time lol he thought i froze up or something.

    Great times hunting with dad.

    " DAD I got water in my boot!"
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