turkey behavior

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2010/03/11 20:05:13 (permalink)

turkey behavior

These days, I usually get a flock of twenty some birds in the yard at some point during the day. More often than not, two gobblers come in full strut. They are always side by side and either one or both are fanned out. They often walk in lock step with each other. The weird part is, all the other birds, including some larger gobblers completely ignore them. The "strutter brothers" dont seem to challenge the bigger birds (they'll let big gobblers walk behind and around them). The females completely ignore them.

My guess is that these are two year old birds that are the equivalent of teenagers. All full of hormones and acting tough. I assume that they haven't yet taken an a** kicking from an older gobbler yet and once they do, they'll calm down a bit. I just find it odd that bigger gobblers dont even acknowledge them.

Anyone know what's happening? Does anyone see this with "their" flocks?

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    RE: turkey behavior 2010/03/14 09:00:21 (permalink)
    im thinking that the other birds are ignoring them because those 2 are the older birds in the flock. They have probably kicked every other gobblers****in the past year..try to get a good look at their spurs if u can zoom in and get a pic and post it here

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    RE: turkey behavior 2010/03/14 10:15:57 (permalink)
    I see it all the time. The five gobblers that I have strutting now are also completely ignored. I believe the wise older birds know they are just wasting their time/energy and when the time comes they will do some serious damage to the young ones.

    I believe this one under the bird feeder this morning will be among the winners.

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