King River Caddis tute

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2010/02/23 11:10:28 (permalink)

King River Caddis tute

here is an excellent down wing caddis imitation. the traditional pattern doesn't add a hackle rib but i do so to make it float better in rougher water.
i always carry a pair of collapsable scissors so if the trout refuse this pattern i simply will trim the bottom hackle so the caddis body rides on the water.



hook; mustad 94833 #14 or #12 (the tute is done with a #14)
thread; brown
rib; drk ginger saddle hackle palmered, #16 gauged
body; mixture of olive/mahogany beaver fur (match the hatch to your liking)
wing; turky quill feather section lacquered and tied in tent style
hackle; brown
head; brown tying thread

1. make your thread base and tie in a #16 saddle hackle. (i use one size smaller for my palmered hackle rib)

2. dubbing, mixed olive/mahogany

3. dubbed body. notice psition of thread!

4. palmered saddle hackle and trimmed on top

lacquered turkey feather section and #14 brown hackle for next two tie ins.

5. turkey section tied in tent style

6. cut a 'V' in the middle of end (top view)

side view. notice thread position, make sure you leave room for hackle and thread head.

7. #14 brown hackle tie in

8. 3 wraps of hackle, thread head and whip finish

front view

top and bottom view
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    RE: King River Caddis tute 2010/02/23 12:12:55 (permalink)
    Thanks DT for the tute - the King River is a great pattern!! Like I pm'd ya though - of all the patterns out there, how we got onto doing one alike for a tute, I don't know...LOLOL!!! Just as good and much faster to tie than mine. Thanks again my friend.

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