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2010/02/19 11:58:03 (permalink)


Had a request on how to tie this one but mostly how to get away from the bulk of material in front of the conehead.'s how I do it but others may have a different approach.

I forgot to add the ultrafine wire to the pic.

1. Start the thread and work back toward the hook.
For me it works to slightly mount the hook on a downward angle which keeps the conehead from sliding back while I work. I also do this when I'm tyin beadheads.

2. Tie in a piece of ultrafine wire, take about 5 wraps for a tag and secure with a few wraps over top.
When working with the wire, I find it helps me if I make the wraps while holding the wire at a slight angle rearward. This forces the wraps to be side by side.

3. Tie in a piece of diamond braid and wrap forward to the conehead.

4. Prepare the straight cut Zonker strip by stripping off a bit of the hair from the hide, then cut the width of the hide in half, and then cut two small angles at the tie in point. I found this helps keep the bulk down. Then tie this strip in right behind the head.

5. Wet the hair with a bit of saliva which helps to seperate the hair at the first tie in point. Then wrap the ultrawire through the hair and over the hide. Do this a few more times taking even wraps forward securing the strip. While your doing this try and pull the strip rearward to make sure it is tight on the top of the hook shank. Tie off the wire.

6. Prepare the crosscut zonker strip by cutting the hide in half along it's length. Many crosscut strips I found are too wide for creating a collar and this kind of helps keep the bulk down. It helps to use a razor blade for this. The one on the right is the one I cut down and will be using.

7. As with the black strip cut a small point in the front of the hide and tie this in close to the head. Make sure this is tied in with the hair on top of the hide and angled back.

8. Take one wrap of the cross cut strip forward and tie off.

9. Take some guinea or a feather of choice, strip one side and prepare the tip as shown. I found that by trimming the tip or tie in point, it helps reduce the bulk around the conehead. Tie this in and take two wraps. Tie off. Whip Finish.

No noticable bulk behind the conehead.

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    RE: SlumpBuster 2010/02/19 12:06:51 (permalink)
    there you go, now you're going to get me to tie more streamers to squeeze into my already jammed bugger and streamer box
    nice tie, like the combination of material.~dt
    it's not luck
    if success is consistent 

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    RE: SlumpBuster 2010/02/19 12:29:36 (permalink)
    Hmm...I never knew that had a name...I've just been calling that a "kinda zonker" all this time.
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    RE: SlumpBuster 2010/02/20 13:32:00 (permalink)
    nice tie!
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    RE: SlumpBuster 2010/06/13 06:57:15 (permalink)
    I like this. I'm going to tie a few myself this week. On Sunday I'm going to the local chalkstream and this will absolutely slaughter the big browns. Plus there are some monster pike that will tear it up too. I'm already thinking of variations that include hot color cones, fluoro strips, and different feathers.

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