Framing Flies

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2010/02/13 09:28:06 (permalink)

Framing Flies

So this isn't a tute on how to tie a pattern - instead one of how to frame a fly/flies for display. I never really did this before and I know there are places where you can go to purchase the frame/shadowbox for this but I decided to go the cheap way - learning while doing it. I went to AC Moore and bought a shadowbox, matting, and a backerboard. Total cost was around $15 because the frames were 50% off. I also went to the local plastic supply and bought 1/8" clear acrylic dowel - $2.00 for a 6' piece.  I had a real hard time finding this thinking that a Lowes, ect. would have it but they didn't. If you do this, you may want to make some phone calls before hand. Also for this I used an Exacto knife, double sided tape, a Dremel tool, T square, ect. which I already had. Believe me for the first time doing this - I learned alot on my own but I did follow a bit the instrctions in Michael Reidenbach's book - Tying the Classic Salmon Fly. A good step by in there. I'm not too happy sith the labeling but - anyway - here it goes:

The Materials:

1. Cut a piece of foam backerboard the size of the inside of the frame. Then cut strips of this board to go around the large piece you cut for the inside. Cut enough to go around the main inside piece twice - layering it. Use double sided tape to secure the strips. You are basically building a "box" to display the flies.

2. Take the acrylic dowel and cut pieces about 3/4 to 1" long. Cut these by scoring the edge with a razor blade. Roll the dowel along a hard table while putting pressure straight down with the blade. Then simply break it off. It will break clean.

3. Using a very small drill bit - here I used a # 60 which is the smallest I had or could find - drill into the dowel close to the end. Then using a file or the dremel tool create a bevel on both ends of the dowel. One for ease of which to insert into the foam backer board and the other - for display (I thought it would look better with a beveled end instead of a straight cut since this is what you would see). I used the Dremel tool for both of these - the drilling and the sanding.

4. Insert the fly into the vice and attach the dowel rod to the hook point making sure it is straight and square.
I assume you could use a thick super glue for this or a two minute epoxy but here I used ClearCureGoo and a UV light. Speeds things up a bit. These pics show two different flies being attached.

5. Once you have the fly/flies attached to the dowels, lay out on the foam matt board the location of the flies. Then using a seven penny common nail puch through the board to create the hold in which to insert the pegs/flies.

6. Insert the fly/flies into the peg holes, label and complete.

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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/13 09:47:25 (permalink)
    Beautiful! Someday, when I tie good enough to display flies, I'll know how to do it. I'd love to have that hanging on the wall.

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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/13 09:50:29 (permalink)
    Very nice....

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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/13 12:19:54 (permalink)
    Very cool, Steely.  Never framed any before.  Have mounted them on a piece of driftwood and put them in a display case.  Gonna have to try framing one.  Thanks for putting this up!

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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/13 15:20:04 (permalink)
    very nice job but ya missed one lil thing MY WALL! lol

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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/13 17:00:28 (permalink)
    That's sweet, nice job!
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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/15 10:47:09 (permalink)
    great steely!
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    RE: Framing Flies 2010/02/15 11:04:10 (permalink)
    Dude, that is beautiful! Definitely on my to-do list one day when I learn to tie really fancy beauties like those!

    Thank you for sharing!
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