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RE: ICE FISHING TOURNAMENT 2010/02/15 16:31:49 (permalink)
Our group was on the slow side also -- many of those dink perch and not much else. Bings - again, thanks for the map as it definitely helped us decide on some locations. Sounded like most people weren't doing too well on the catching but all having a great time out there. Nice lake though and definitely some big fish in there if you can find them from what I hear and the 49" ski that was caught on Sunday.

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RE: ICE FISHING TOURNAMENT 2010/02/15 19:34:58 (permalink)
Great time, but it was slooooow! Highlite of the day was after a move dropping the camera and a real decent musky coming right up to it as if to eat it. Stupid musky... You're supposed to be at the end of my line not posing for the camera!!!

If it were'nt for venitian would be curtains for all of us!!
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RE: ICE FISHING TOURNAMENT 2010/02/15 21:50:57 (permalink)
i was suprised how murkey the water was for the camera..we would drop vex's down and have red screens..then drop camera down and nota fish..just tons of clutter in the water..i was leading the first day with a crappie..but its all good

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RE: ICE FISHING TOURNAMENT 2010/02/18 13:06:55 (permalink)
Jerry's gonna have another 1 day tourney on the 27th.  6am - 4pm  His 2nd consecutive year to have 2.  The same fee and rules, I believe.  He'll feed everyone, as usual. The 1-day tourney is certainly worth it for someone like me traveling 30 miles one way.  The 2 day is just to frustrating.  lol

He called and asked to spread the word.     w------o------r------d
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