Chestnut launch

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2010/01/12 12:17:49 (permalink)

Chestnut launch

Anyone do any good off of chestnut yet? I don't have electronics and would like someone to tell me about how far off of shore to go. Any info would be appreciated.
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    RE: Chestnut launch 2010/01/12 13:18:40 (permalink)
    i think you should go out and drill some one is going to give up their hotspot on here.
    go talk to people out there as there should be plenty this weekend.
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    RE: Chestnut launch 2010/01/12 15:47:39 (permalink)
    no but there are people out there fishing... drive down there and talk to them- go out and fish and drill holes like everyone else... aint no one going to tell you if there slammn some jumbos let alone where...
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    RE: Chestnut launch 2010/01/12 18:17:43 (permalink)
    saw two huts there today and one was moving around quite a bit

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    RE: Chestnut launch 2010/01/13 00:10:28 (permalink)
    I am anxious to fish off chestnut myself, but taking the kids Saturday to horseshoe or Mis. After the freighter comes in and if I see huts off Chestnut I will check it out and go over there with the kids and the Vex. I would like to get into the perch, I know my son wants to too.
    hookem and cookem!!!! good fishin
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