C.J.'s "HALF "N" HALF" Emerger

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2010/01/11 00:42:54 (permalink)

C.J.'s "HALF "N" HALF" Emerger

I tyed this emerger pattern just messin' around last summer runnin after wild brookies. They were takin emergin flyies in the suface film but wouldn't turn on a dry fly. So I figured I needed somthin' in my box that would give me a shot next time I was out. After about a dozen revisions I ended up with a half cripple half emerger (hence the name HALF "N" HALF). I ddo very well on the days trout are doin' there head 'n' tail rises.

I forgot the the partridge neck and peacock hearl in the pic.
And you also use the 1/16 inch packing foam cut into a 1/8 inch strip.

1. Tye the in the squirrel hair as the tail. ( 1/3 the hook shank lenght)

2. Tye the ostrich hearl like you would a hackle on "bugger"

3. Dubb up 2/3 the shank lenght on the hook with the hair's ear dubbin.

4. Wrap the Ostrich hearl up the dubbin and tye off. The ostrich gives it a more buggy look to me.

5. Ok take a partidge feather stip the crappy fuzzy stuff of the staft and tye it in upside down on the top of the hook shank. So it curls up and pull it to lenght and trim.

6. Tye in the packing foam post so it's look like a wing over top the hook shank(think wing case on a nymph). The strip you shoud have should be 1/16 inch think and 1/8 inch wide.

7. Dub 1 wrap of the hairs ear behind the partridge feather and 1 wrap in front overtop the foam post.. This causes the feather to stand up and doesn't leave a bare spot on the bottom of the hook shank.

8. Fold the foam over it's self and tie in. I use a toothpick or you could use a bodkin. I's the same technique as making the loops with sparkle braid on a crystal meth fly.
(I screwd up and didn't photo this step Sorry.)

9. Tie in another partiridge feather upside down ( so it curves up) and directly over the hook shank stem forward. Pull the stem to adjust the feather size.

10. Tye in 2 strands of peacock hearl and dub it forward to the hook eye.

11. Trim the hearl, whip finish and glue.

I hope it's useful for ya!
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    RE: C.J.'s "HALF "N" HALF" Emerger 2010/01/11 04:53:56 (permalink)
    Paco - nice! Thanks for taking the time to post this. Looks great!

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