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2010/01/01 09:50:04 (permalink)


Since I've been tyin small the past few days, I thought I'd put up this tute on how I tie the Trico pattern. Again, I'm sure there are other ways to tie it but this is just a general and somewhat easy way I tie 'em. Although I have tied them on size 20's, where I fish the hatch I get more takes on the 26's. Hookin them and bringing them in is something different though. It's fun though to give it a try when they are keyed in on the little buggers. I took as many pics as I could to try and get good images (macro setting with a magnifyer lens in front of the camera lens). Anyway here it is:
Hook: standard dry fly hook - size 22 - 26
Tail: Microfibbets
Body: Black thread
Wings: White antron

1. Start the thread on the hook and leave the trailing thread intact (don't trim it off) About a 3" piece will do.

2. Tie in two microfibbets on top of the hook shank.

3. Using a bodkin or a needle, separate the two microfibbets a bit and pull the trailing thread up between them and tie the thread off. This will spread out the tails.

4. Trim off the thread and microfibbets,  form the body by using as little amount of thread wraps as possible and tie in about 8 - 10  fibers of white antron on top of and parallel to the hook shank.

5. Using figure 8 wraps around the antron (as few as possible), turn the antron 90 degrees to the shank.

6. Take a few wraps of thread behind the figure 8 wraps to taper off the bump that was created, whip finish, trim off the wings to length.

** Many times the trout are keyed in on the female trico that is carrying the white egg sack. I just tie these the same as above but add some white thread or floss just in front of the tails.

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    RE: Trico 2010/01/01 11:30:37 (permalink)
    I tie that same pattern & I love to fish the trico's my favorite hatch of the year
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