underwater cameras are deceiving

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2009/12/31 18:00:11 (permalink)

underwater cameras are deceiving

i got to use my new camera today at west lake and i thought i had a nice school of 6-10 inch perch right underneath me.  i kept getting hits but about 30 misses to every hookup.  then when i finally got a fish in i realized what the problem was.  they were all about 3 inches long max.  some that were hitting my jig were less than 2 inches.  caught about 40 of the lil buggers and brought a couple home to put in an aquarium i got for christmas.  once they get bigger "captain steve" and "lieutenant dan"  will probably go in my friends pond.  anyways my friend caught about 20 pickerel on tipups and one jigging while i played with my new camera.  i could not get a pickerel to hit my minnow at all.  2 hours of nothing while tip ups about 30 feet away were getting hit pretty good.  going to try caroga tomorrow for some splake.

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