12/31 Ice Fishing

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2009/12/31 16:08:14 (permalink)

12/31 Ice Fishing

Joined Duane at a undisclosed location today   ... turned out to be a very active morning !!!!
They were VERY aggressive and willing to bite.
If a fish showed up on the vex , IT WOULD HIT !!
We got 2 dozen perch , nothing bigger than 11" , but nothing smaller than 8" ... most were plump and fought great.
We even had a few doubles ...
It was a real nice morning, calm and not all that cold. Until the front moved in !! It got breezy and little nippy ... and the snow came in quick. After hoping out of Duane's shack , here is what we had ...

The fishing slowed down after 9:30 or so ... just were not seeing them. I assume they moved ???
But once again if a rouge one showed up ... it wouldn't hesitate to wack your bait.
The ice was clear when we got there , not when we left. Drive home wasn't that bad though.
Very fun lake.

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    RE: 12/31 Ice Fishing 2009/12/31 17:28:47 (permalink)
    very nice, I  think I was at that location last week and caught nothing but sunfish, caught about 30 total but not one perch.

    "Give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day. But teach a man how to fish, and he'll be dead of mercury poisoning inside of three years."
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    RE: 12/31 Ice Fishing 2009/12/31 19:02:53 (permalink)
    nice fat perch !!!!

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    RE: 12/31 Ice Fishing 2009/12/31 23:57:36 (permalink)
    I hit up LL for the final day of 2009. Got there at crack of dawn, but couldn't beat the only 2 guys on the lake, who of course were spread wide in my favorite spot.  I setup not far from them and they didnt seem to like it. Elvis did not enter their building.  KayderossZ showed up a few hours later, and so did the pike (and the snow).  I had just been sawed off by a long running esox and I iced a small one as soon as Kay-Z got there.  Within minutes of getting set up , we both had flags with reels whizzing. Unfortunately, his got dropped in the weeds. I had a nice one on, and I only had mono leader on that tipup so i really had to baby it. Friggin thing took 12 good runs from the hole before petering out. A good 15 minute tussle it was great. Mucho gracias to Kay-Z who yanked him out by his gnarly head, saving the day. Sorry about your pikey war wounds brother. She seemed to be just a bit shy of 36", weighing  9.5 lbs.  My phone pics in the snowstorm sucked..maybe KayZ's are better?
    Just as much fun was seeing Kay-Z get another flag and put his first Northern on the ice- sweet! Congrats, great job and many more.

    Wisdom and his bud showed up shortly before I had to go. He told me about EAGLE ED'S mishap on the ice, hope the venerable jigger is feeling better now. Man, anything for sympathy so he can get his wife to pay for dinner.  I almost went down myself a few times, it was tough.  Thanks for picking up my knife, Wisdom. I'll get it back one of these days I guess.

    Mmm Brian nice perch indeed, are those from a lake named for a current NFC playoff QB?  Ever fish Fawn Lake? I guess its near Berne or someplace.
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