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2009/11/23 16:45:45 (permalink)


ticks are very bad this year and last night found a new way to take them out of a human..i said it wouldn't work ....but here it is and it worked in seconds...
take any dish detergent,Ajax,dawn, and put in on a paper towel or cotton ball, rub it on a embedded tick, counter clockwise until it backs out., don't ask why that direction, but in seconds it will back out..couldn't believe it..better than twezzers...

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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/23 16:52:09 (permalink)
    You are not joking!!  I had 3 on me this fall. Last week I was turkey hunting(3B) and left the woods after the 9th tick of the day tried climbing up my pants!!!!  Never had a tick on me until this year.
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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/23 16:53:39 (permalink)
    took the dogs for a walk and pulled 87 ticks off of our 4 dogs and 4 off me.. bring on the frontline

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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/23 16:55:04 (permalink)
    You don't need the detergent. If you rub it in a circular motion it will back itself out. In the other tick thread I posted a link to a video showing the technique, I actually tried it just few weeks ago and it worked like a charm.
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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/23 17:09:45 (permalink)
    Can also use a dab of vaseline. Cover the tick with it, wait a minute, and pull it out.

    Just a heads up for those of you with dogs that hunt, my lab Hank was diagnosed with Lyme Disease Friday. I use Advantix year round too. If you're pulling ticks off of your dog with regularity, especially if they're embedded, be on the lookout for lethargy, decreased appetite and stiffness. He wasn't acting right for about a week, and I had taken ticks off of him in early October, so I took him to the vet on suspicion of this.

    Vet also said that he recommends Frontline over Advantix for dogs who spend much time in water, so I'll be switching. Apparently, Advantix washes off rather easily.

    Another thing he told me that I didn't know is that ticks don't die with cold weather. They slow down and aren't as active, but just one warm day can fire them back up. Keep treating your dogs year round, and inspecting yourselves.
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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/23 20:22:54 (permalink)
    Try this:

    I have to use this on myself and my dogs all too often and it works every time.

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    RE: TICK REMOVAL 2009/11/24 19:06:47 (permalink)
    Yes very bad tick year,after helping my son Bullifter find his bow buck,and dragging it back to the truck we where covered with tick's,at first I thought they were from the deer but,not so they where just in all the weed fields,I had one,three year ago in me,called my Doc, and just got antibiotics,just to be safe.
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