quietest crossbow you know.....

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2009/11/20 08:00:03 (permalink)

quietest crossbow you know.....

What is the quietest crossbow you guys have been around?  I've only been around some of the old cheaper models and I think they kinda suck, because they don't seem to be very fast, and they make a huge whomp! noise.  My dad is interested in one, and I wouldn't mind using it from time to time, and maybe in the future, always.  I have a shoulder that is like a ticking time bomb, although I shoot lefty and it is my right, it still bothers me at times. 

What do you guys think?

Maybe one that price isn't an issue with, and one that it is?


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    RE: quietest crossbow you know..... 2009/11/20 08:16:48 (permalink)
    Tip, I shoot a Horton Nitro Hunter. I love it, but it sounds like a .22 going off! My neighbor shoots a top of the line 10 pt(1500 dollars) and it MAY be a little quieter, but not by much. Don't know if there is a quiet crossbow.
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    RE: quietest crossbow you know..... 2009/11/20 18:41:53 (permalink)
    The one still on the shelf.
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    RE: quietest crossbow you know..... 2009/11/21 08:33:16 (permalink)
    This is the low end model....


    Here are the big dogs to compare to.. These are the top of the line "HORZ" right here..



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    RE: quietest crossbow you know..... 2009/11/21 18:55:56 (permalink)
    Horton Vision w/ reversed limbs. I've shot pretty much every crossbow on the market as I sell bows at my job and nothin is quieter. The next one inline would be any of the ten points once you equip them with leeches and limb savers.

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    RE: quietest crossbow you know..... 2009/11/22 10:39:56 (permalink)
    I have shot many different crossbows and most are significantly louder then a compound.
    The Horton Vision is the quietest one I have shot.  The Scorpyd 125 is also reverse limb and though I have not shot it, is getting rave reviews for how quiet it is.
    The Parker Tornado is another to look at.  Great performance and on the lower end of the noise scale.

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