any one from the new 7m

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2009/11/04 09:30:43 (permalink)

any one from the new 7m

 central ny state 7m void of deer this week but saw some yesterday in gilbertsville ny right in town on lawns no doubt , too many coyotes, brush wolves and now cougers to have any chance of seeing any deer they moved out last winter and this summer , i live next to 3,800 acres of NY state land public hunting grounds , for the pst two years ive seen no fawns at all and only very old large does no bucks, either makes me think, why they can be such easy targets for predators,, the deer stink,, strong oder from a buck ensures a quick kill in central ny or at the very least a run for its life as they never stop the chase worse than dogs when coyotes and wolves hunt in packs ill shoot every one i see and trap the  ones i dont and may poisen the ones that get away with lead from my rifle maybe they just went to other areas of the state i hear there are so many here then i here they aint none i told ya all what ive seen zerop zilch i paid 100.00 to hunt a deer and damit if gasoline goes to 10.00 bucks a gallon ill walk to kill a deer i wont come home with out one , so it will be a cross the state hike in search of what i years ago could get in 2 hrs time now takes all the leagle season just to see one 

if you were disabled, and hunted you'd be wet too.. im *&%^&*& from crying in ny state

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    RE: any one from the new 7m 2009/11/19 11:09:31 (permalink)
    That was the longest sentence I've ever read! Cougars, huh? Stocked by the DEC and paid for by the insurance companies I suppose.
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