Wet opener

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2009/10/31 13:14:56 (permalink)

Wet opener

saw several flocks from the road and heard plenty of shots but couldnt get into any ourselves where we hunt... of course i cant keep em off me when im archery hunting but when i try to go after em they disappear

anybody do any good? sure is fun to get em running in the fall

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    RE: Wet opener 2009/10/31 15:46:48 (permalink)
    Put them to sleep last night. Got up at 5:30  (normal for me), just could not get moving and made it too late to get the fly down.
    Sat for 2 hrs.  Walked around for an hr. Sat for another hr. Got hungry and went home. Back to the roost this evening. Maybe then.
    Good luck, John

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    RE: Wet opener 2009/11/01 09:57:32 (permalink)
    Got in where I suspected the birds would be roosted, just too windy and rain made it hard to hear anything. Since it was raining I figured the birds would come to a field where I have been seeing them in the rain. Ran into 2 other hunters (together), decided to work together and we all set up spread out and sat put for the birds to arrive. I told them 9 AM.........
    At 0845, here they come. I could see only about 10-12 birds and they were feeding right to me. They milled around about 100 yds away for 15 minutes, then I saw them heading quickly away, FTW? When they were out of sight I went down to the other 2 hunters, they saw them too.
    There was a third hunter now with them...........He had come in the woods not knowing we or the birds were there and still wearing his orange. That did 'er away the birds went. I got on my horse and did a large circle trying to get in front of the flock with no success.
    Had I stayed  where I stopped at flydown time the birds would have been within 50 yds of me.
    Man, was it wet! I had good raingear on and still got wet down the back of the neck. The poor guys I kinda hunted with had no raingear, they were soaked to the core. Monday's weather looks better but it will be more difficult to move around since the woods will dry out.
    Gonna get in near the roost area and sit put. There's lots of sign in that area, hopefully the birds will feed to me and I can break 'em......
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    RE: Wet opener 2009/11/02 09:36:10 (permalink)
    Well, I didn't have much luck finding the turkeys, but I did manage to stay dry.

    Got some TechH2O camo for my Bday from Gander Mountain, this stuff works great! Didn't get wet in the least. Don't know that it would hold up through the thick stuff, but for open woods in the rain, it's the bees knees.

    Hoping to roost the birds Friday & get on them early Saturday.

    "If you ever get hit with a bucket of fish, be sure to close your eyes." ><)))*>
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    RE: Wet opener 2009/11/02 19:50:45 (permalink)
    Tried and true method for locating fall birds...Pretend you're deer hunting.

    It really works.  Hunt your archery or likely archery stands.  Sit and stay put for hours.  One of three will happen more often than not.

    1.  Birds will come by on their own.
    2.  You'll hear them calling after someone else breaks up and already be in a great position to bring em in.
    3.  You'll see that monster 10 pt that you've been after all season and wonder why you didn't bring your bow today.

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    RE: Wet opener 2009/11/03 18:43:27 (permalink)
    Close but no cigar.........
    Monday, get in before dark in a feeding area, figure I'll sit for a few hours, be patient, hope the birds stroll by.
    Low and behold there is 2 or 3 roosted less than 100 yds from me. They fly down and hit the ground over the hill from me. I can hear 'em scratchin around, I cluck and yelp softly while scratching the leaves. They go silent for about 5 seconds then come in on a string, problem was that as soon as they crested the hill I was still about 60 yds back and the woods is so open they couldn't see the hen doing the calling. They looked around for a minute or two then nervously drifted back down over the hill.
    Later in the morning I see 5 working up through these big open woods, couldn't get 'em turned, too open and dry to make a move on them.
    Tonight......nuttin, except 3 bucks, 2 young spikes and 1 eight.
    Monday I saw 3 deer, half rack 4, a 6, and an 8 also.
    Maybe I should take Claypool's advice and pretend I'm archery hunting.
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    RE: Wet opener 2009/11/03 18:52:01 (permalink)
    That would have worked for me today except I was archery hunting. Had 5 birds feed within 38 yards of me. My comfort zone on turkey is 30 yds with the bow but they wouldn't come any closer. Saw zero deer in 5 hours.
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