Short-Lived NYS Marine License?

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2009/10/20 12:03:16 (permalink)

Short-Lived NYS Marine License?

Did any of you guys see what Schumer's battling on his latest mission?
The Marine fishing license!  Wow.  Looks like the extra ten bucks really ticked off the richies out there on the east end of Long Island so he is going to bat for them.  He is lobbying to do away with the license (and fee) and make a 'registry' instead to fulfill the mandate from the Feds.
The Feds (rightfully, in my opinion) want a better idea of 'how many people are fishing'.  And what they are fishing for, etc.
While I was in New Jersey over Columbus Day the guys at Fisherman's Headquarters were taking about it down there and it sounded like the state of NJ has ZERO interest in charging people to fish the saltwater.
Have you heard about this, Backin?
They are thinking of opting for a 'Saltwater Registry' to document who is fishing.  No charge, just adding your name to an online database so they can send it to the Feds. 
Now Charles Schumer here in New York got wind of that and wants to do the same thing.
It will be interesting to see how this pans out.  Schumer carries a helluva' big stick in this State.
I can't believe he is taking on the DEC with this.  Wow.  Maybe we'll be back to free Stripers again!
Here is the story from todays Times Union:

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    RE: Short-Lived NYS Marine License? 2009/10/20 12:14:00 (permalink)
    Wow. I can't beleive this. Shocked. Someone is going to bat for us, the fishing public?
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    RE: Short-Lived NYS Marine License? 2009/10/20 18:27:35 (permalink)
    Well that's interesting. If it is repealed I wonder if they will refund next years license's. When I was in long island a couple weeks ago I bought a one day, but everybody else in line bought both the rest of this year, and next year, so they wouldn't have to buy one in january. I wouldn't want to have to tell them no refund. Most people down there tend to have a little bit of a short fuse.
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    RE: Short-Lived NYS Marine License? 2009/10/21 14:26:06 (permalink)
    Jimmy, from what I know of of Chuck Schumer... he ALWAYS goes to bat for the little guy... the "richies" are scared sh#tless of him and hate his guts!
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    RE: Short-Lived NYS Marine License? 2009/10/22 10:53:36 (permalink)
    Jimmy, I haven't had as much interest in the jersey shore. Me and my fishing partner aren't as unbeat about spending the time and money for what it is worth, the last couple times fluking season ,we had too many throwbacks and zero keepers, I may try for some tog and seabass later this novomber. I think it is still 6 tog limit from mid nov to mid dec seabass would be good eats if they are mixed in.. As for big brother wanting everybody to register so they can monitor more closely the impact of over harvesting and such? I would like to rehash my thoughts about "the feds" wanting to registrate any community.. the bottom line is money, they want our money.. IMHO, the feds/state will target those that they feel have enough money and free time to fish or go hunting.. that is what I think is going on with these rising fees and licenses and registrations/regulations. Just like taxing food fuel drink smokes etc. It is getting tougher these days, alot of folks are scared!..i know if i had no work a mortgage and a family to feed i'd be ****ed scared to take time off to fishing! I am fortunite this is not the case for me yet! lol ..okay hoping i made more sense and much better read than previous. i toast you all in penny cheer!
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