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2009/10/15 16:02:23 (permalink)


I discovered this, I dont know what yinz guys who fish a lot think, but it seems pretty cool to me.

I dont do any ice fishing, the thought of it is just a hair on the scary side to be honest, but for you guys that do, this is a pretty cool safety device.

I met this guy, he came into our store here in morgantown(hes working out of town as an electrician), and we got to talking about fishing.  He told me he invented it, and gave me a little demo in our parking lot.  I became an instant believer. 

Id say it is worth a couple seconds of time. 

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    RE: ICE FISHING SAFETY THROW ROPE 2009/10/15 16:10:33 (permalink)
    I like it. I've always carried a long, strong rope with me ice fishing, always figured it could come in handy. Then the day came when I went through, my buddy grabbed the rope, tossed it to me, and saved my life by pulling my butt out.
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    RE: ICE FISHING SAFETY THROW ROPE 2009/10/30 17:32:34 (permalink)
    I wrap about 50 feet of rope around a floating seat cushion.w_w.

    If it has fins and gills, I'm there.

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    RE: ICE FISHING SAFETY THROW ROPE 2009/11/17 11:15:00 (permalink)
    That looks good.
    I carry an old ski rope with me. The handle is something for the victim to hang on to, they float and the added weight aids in throwing it too. Connect a clip on you end, so you can wrap it around your waiste then clip it, you won't be able to losse it that way. Plus I tied several knots in my end, much easirer to get a good grip on it and hang on. A smooth rope can slip through wet gloves, the knot helps you hang on. Thank God I've never had to use it, but if I ever do I confident it should work well.
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