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2009/07/01 17:17:24 (permalink)


I suspect the best time for 'eyes at the pool just below the dam is spring and fall , but is it a sustainable and good fishery for 'eyes the rest of the year as well ? I've never fished it any time of the year . Thanks to all !

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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/01 17:54:40 (permalink)
    Summer time you pick one up here and there.... but not consistently. Not sure that the spring and fall would be any different. Seeing how any fish there would only be there cause they made it through the outlet. That's purely speculation on my part though...
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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/01 19:30:16 (permalink)
    Did well one summer day below in the pool for channel cats got some really nice ones..  Watch out for the snakes they were there.
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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/02 20:16:14 (permalink)
    They come up from the susquehanna up the big bald eagle
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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/10 09:25:57 (permalink)
    I've caught everything BUT a walleye there. Largemouth, crappie, perch, cats, saw a guy catch a nice trout one time. It's kind of fun, you never know what you will pull in next!
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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/12 16:22:08 (permalink)
    x2 on the walleye coming up from the Susquehanna. They get stopped at Sayers spillway.  I heard prior to sayers being built, eels and walleye could be caught pretty much on most of the baldie.  Pre-spawn would probably be the best time to try for them.

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    RE: OUTFLOW OF HOWARD / WALLEYES 2009/07/13 15:17:56 (permalink)
    Fished the spillway from feb til may in the late 90's several times a week and caught tons of walleye.  An hour prior to dark til dark and then about 2 hours later.  3-4 guys waould average 5-6 a nite, most in the 20-24" range.  Biggest was a 33" 12#er.  Also got many large trout and musky.  Several 40" musky and 25" trout.  Used lures only.  Firetiger for trout and black and gold for walleye. All C&R since this was a closed time of year. Also did well down to the first bridge. 
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